Wordly Wise 7 Lesson 14 Answer Key

Wordly Wise is a popular vocabulary program designed to help students acquire new words and strengthen their language skills. Lesson 14 covers a range of topics including literature, science, and history. In this article, we will present the answer key for Wordly Wise 7 Lesson 14 in English language.

Section A: Word Definitions

Word Definition
covert hidden; secret
deficient not having enough; lacking
discreet careful not to attract attention
elation a feeling of great joy or pride
impart to give or share
initiate to begin; to introduce into a group
innate existing from birth; inborn
malignant very harmful; malignant tumor is cancerous
maternal relating to a mother or motherhood
prominent widely recognized, well-known, or important

In section A, we have provided the definitions of the ten vocabulary words included in the lesson. It is essential for students to understand the meanings of these words as they will be used in the following sections of the lesson.

Section B: Synonyms and Antonyms

Word Synonyms Antonyms
covert hidden, secret open, obvious
deficient inadequate, insufficient adequate, sufficient
discreet cautious, prudent obvious, conspicuous
elation joy, ecstasy sadness, depression
impart share, communicate withhold, keep
initiate begin, start end, stop
innate inborn, natural learned, acquired
malignant harmful, deadly benign, harmless
maternal motherly, caring fatherly, indifferent
prominent notable, distinguished unimportant, obscure

Section B focuses on synonyms and antonyms related to the ten vocabulary words. It is important for students to recognize the variations and nuances in word meaning to effectively communicate their ideas in writing and speech.

Section C: Fill in the Blanks

1. _________ people are born with certain talents and abilities.
Answer: Innate

2. The spy carried out a __________ operation to obtain the classified information.
Answer: Covert

3. The child's __________ was evident from his huge smile.
Answer: Elation

4. The disease was _________ and could not be treated with medication.
Answer: Malignant

5. The baby's __________ instinct was to cling to his mother.
Answer: Maternal

6. The company plans to __________ a new employee training program.
Answer: Initiate

7. The runner was __________ for her achievements in the sport.
Answer: Prominent

8. The musician's __________ performance was praised by the critics.
Answer: Deficient

9. The detective was __________ in his pursuit of the criminal.
Answer: Discreet

10. The professor attempted to __________ his knowledge to his students.
Answer: Impart

Section C provides fill-in-the-blank exercises to test students' understanding of the ten vocabulary words. Students are required to use the correct word in the appropriate context to complete sentences effectively.

Section D: Crossword Puzzle

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13
14 15 16 17
18 19
20 21 22 23
24 25 26


1. Joyous feeling (7) - ELATION

7. Lacking in some necessary quality (9) - DEFICIENT

9. Introduce into a group (8) - INITIATE

11. Existing from birth (6) - INNATE

12. Widely recognized or important (9) - PROMIN